Static Site Hosting never gets easier.

Manage your static site from within Simply Static.
No configuration, no fuss. It just works.

Up and running in no time.

We automatically generate an account and send you a login link once you have subscribed to a plan.

Log in and create, manage or update your static websites.

Connect in Simply Static

Copy and paste the Security Token from your project dashboard and add it to Simply Static.

Run a static export and see your static site online in a matter of minutes.

We handle the rest.

Once your static website is published, Simply CDN will handle the rest for you.

We configure caching, minification, security, and all the other things for you – just sit back.

We handle forms for you and send each submission to your e-mail address.

We stand on the shoulders of giants

Simply Static

We are the developers behind Simply Static, the most popular Static Site Generator plugin available.

Over 40.000 active users are betting on us.


BunnyCDN is our CDN provider. With more than 114 PoPs, your website will be distributed all over the world in milliseconds.


SendGrid is our e-mail partner and provides high-quality SMTP connections to ensure each form submission will arrive in your inbox no matter what.

SimplyCDN is closing.

We no longer offer this service to new customers and only maintain existing customers from now on.

SimplyCDN will close by the end of 2024. During the transition period, we will transfer all existing customers to their own BunnyCDN accounts and open-source our configuration.